Service Excellence

Case Studies

Avis Rent a Car introduced the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) in 2003. The additional elements (later discovered as important drivers of heightened service excellence) were missing for the first four years and effectively, the measurement process was wasted.
In 2007, the CSI scores were assessed and evaluated to establish why the program was not having the desired effect on driving service levels to the high levels sought. Once the executive team focused on what had to be done internally, progress was made. Initial action areas were addressed which saw the initial Service Excellence scores (CSI) improve.

Once the CSI had improved to record heights, action to grow and sustain the service excellence program. This is where the real power of the program comes into being, by further increasing the CSI scores to new heights through more effective talent recruitment, benchmarking and CSI based incentives (which are overlaid with prior or new incentives).